Today was on cleaning Albina, who advised thanks))) I liked it, I did in shock, I really do not get enough of me has never been done so well to clean the face, although I have tried in many countries. The person is clean, everything went black dots)) and the great thing that I stood up and there is no inflammation, I usually get up after cleaning the red tomato, and then clean clean and no reds)) in general I liked it, I advise


Finally, I took and decided to unsubscribe about my trip to the beautician Albina. I waited until peeling completely gone. I was very pleased. In the first approach to business, without much advertising of the business, with a detailed survey on the work done previously with skin treatments, nutrition and so on. After inspection and some practical advice, I suddenly became clear, I think I have never understood this and did somehow all wrong. And then I explained everything, explained and answered all questions. She made me clean the face. I will say well I was satisfied. Secondly, during the reception and procedures, the master no longer accepts anyone, not even advises how often delvayut other masters. It feels really important person and not asking for help needy poor thing. In general, I summarize. I get a good process and good advice. With a suitable gave me my mask and gel. Do not push through their goods, and said that I needed money, I can not find myself in the store. Not advised to buy all the expensive, and more attentive to the content of cosmetics. The surface of the skin become more smooth, which surprised me, but it was a lot of spots and zhirovichkoy. Their number decreased markedly. Naturally not all go as the food, the environment and many other factors contribute to this. I receive guidance on nutrition, and what should I eat for my skin. And in general, interesting conversation with a nice girl. something like that.